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About The Chiropractic Center in Enid

Dr. Viki Resler White, a graduate of Palmer University of Chiropractic, has been providing chiropractic wellness care to people in Enid and the rest of northwestern Oklahoma since 1995.

An Eclectic Wellness Center

This isn’t your average chiropractic office. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, our full “Live Well” Facility also offers:

Transformative Chiropractic Care

Meet the Doctors

When patients first come to us, they’re usually looking for a way to tolerate the pain, so they can get on with life. Fortunately, pain relief is easy! We also want to help the pain relief become permanent! We work toward correcting the problem, gaining strength, improving movement, reducing brain stress…in short: transforming lives!

Our goal is to transform the way you think and eat and move, so you become someone who knows and believes anything is possible, someone who is truly healthier, someone who is active for life. “Hence our philosophy, “Move Well, Eat Well, Think Well…. Living Well Starts here!”

Pain Relief And Lifelong Wellness

Most patients begin care because of pain and continue care because they see the potential for becoming stronger. Many become lifetime patients because they realize life without chiropractic is less than what it can be.

Call The Chiropractic Center today and transform your life!

Dr. Resler White | The Chiropractic Center | Phone: (580) 233-4300

Proudly serving Enid, Hennessey, Waukomis, Medford and Pond Creek