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Meet Enid Chiropractor Dr. Viki Resler White

A Family History of Chiropractic Care

Dr. Viki Resler White

Dr. Viki Resler White

Dr. Viki was exposed to chiropractic care at a young age because her mom suffered with back pain and saw a chiropractor for treatment. It was miraculous to watch her crawl into the chiropractor’s office and walk back out!  However, it wasn’t until college when Dr. Viki considered becoming a chiropractor.

Like everyone else in her family, Dr. Viki was studying to be a school teacher. She was discouraged by the amount of negative talk she heard from her colleagues, thinking, “My parents loved what they were doing and had a passion for it.” Dr. Viki wanted to have that same passion for her career, but she wasn’t finding it in education.

The “Lightning Bolt” That Led To Becoming a Chiropractor

When the friend of a friend visited campus and gave Dr. Viki and others chiropractic adjustments, he looked at her and said, “You could do that.”

“It was like that lightning bolt that hits you when everything in your life culminates in that one moment.” Three months later, she was at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa.

A Passion To See People Get Better

Being a chiropractor is Dr. Viki’s passion in life. In it she sees the possibility for people to be better than they were a moment before. Her father always told her, “You can do anything you believe you can do, but you have to take the action steps to get there.”

Now she wants to inspire other people by helping them realize that their health is dependent on them taking steps for themselves. “Wellness comes from within and requires action. You have to do something differently in order to expect to see things change.”

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Triathlete And Mother of Five

Outside of the office, Dr. Viki is a triathlete.  She swims, bikes and runs for fun.

That hasn’t always been the case, though. She’s been at the point when it was hard to be well, (try a decade of pregnancy!!!)  So, she understands patients who find themselves there. Now that she’s experienced ultra-healthy, Dr. Viki knows it feels better and is far more fun.  She wants others to experience the same.

As a mother of five, she’s found a good balance that allows her to juggle work, home and health.  Although it is hectic, the chiropractic lifestyle has helped her to have the energy AND the mental well-being that she believes gives her an edge.

As the child of parents who taught her to dream big, she has created an incredible facility that combines all the facets of her favorite ways to “Live Well.”

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