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What to Expect at The Chiropractic Center

Your First Visit

Come expecting great things!

There is very seldom a wait in our office. Each new patient is greeted individually and given a tour of the facility. Of course, there’s a bit of paperwork, but we can send that to you ahead of time to fill out at home. Fill this out online to save time => Intake Form

Your Exam and Pain Relief Begins Now

After the tour and the necessary paperwork, you’ll be given a thorough exam. The exam includes input from both a medical doctor and a chiropractor. We are also fortunate to have the nutritional expertise of a naturopathic doctor to round out our evaluation!

The next step is X-rays. Dr. Viki uses those to make sure your chiropractic adjustments are as effective as they can be. The last part of the examination is an evaluation of your nervous system and your current stress level.

To give you some relief from your pain before your treatment plan is fully determined, you’ll receive physical therapy and gentle muscle work including massage or stretching or vibration on your first visit.

After the therapy, our staff will sit down with you to discuss financial details. We call to verify the details of each individual’s insurance. We will help you to determine a plan of care that will both meet your needs and be kind to your pocketbook.

Overall, the first visit usually lasts about an hour.

Your Second Visit

Your next appointment will be the following day. That’s when we’ll talk to you about what we learned from the examination and get started with your chiropractic adjustments.

Subsequent Visits

On your follow-up visits, you’ll undergo the procedures prescribed by Dr. Viki White, D.C. or Dr. Robert Breckenridge, D.O. You may also see our naturopathic physician, Dr. Gigi Moore. You may receive pain management care – such as trigger point injections or anti-inflammatory protocols – from our medical doctor, Dr. Robert Breckenridge. Your care plan may contain rehabilitative exercise, decompression traction, or physiotherapy. We may determine that massage or stretching would help. We may find that we need to reduce your stress or balance your hormones or help you to lose weight.

The Live Well Facility is set up to address issues from many directions and the opportunities to improve your health, wellness, and the way you feel are endless!

To get on the road to recovery fill out this Intake Form and then Schedule an appointment!

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